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Julington Creek Speech Therapy aims to offer world-class speech therapy to residents of the greater Jacksonville area at an affordable price. We are a new company, however Erin has been practicing as a Speech Language Pathologist for over two decades. She has experience not only in treating a variety of speech conditions in patients of all ages, but has firsthand experience as a mother of two. She specializes in helping children with special needs, stroke rehabilitation, accent modification, as well as Apraxia and Dyspraxia. Book an appointment today!


Erin has a long and experienced career in speech therapy  Out of high school, she went to UAB for undergraduate. There, she developed an interest in the origins of words, which quickly expanded to all of linguistics. It wasn't long before she set her sights on becoming a speech language pathologist. She attended graduate school at the University of Montevallo  before graduating as a SLP. She then began moving to Virginia . There, she practiced until 2004, where she took a break from her job to be a mother to her two children. It wasn't long before she had started back up again, helping patients part time this time. In 2018, she relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, and has been providing services to the Greater Jacksonville area since. In 2022, she started JCST and her AccentNeutral program to try and help people more directly. 


Developed by Erin Keegan-Fields, the AccentNeutral program is the ideal way to sound more natural while building confidence in speech. The program is designed for English second language speakers and focuses on pronunciation, accent and word choice. English is a complicated language that is more than just the words themselves, but how they are pronounced specifically in context. Many ESL speakers may be familiar with the basic structure and vocabulary of English, but may not understand the nuances of how to articulate their thoughts naturally. This can lead to many people feeling ashamed or like they stand out from others because of the way they speak. At Julington Creek Speech Therapy, we believe everyone should be able to find and speak in their dream voice. Call or Text today!


With her long career, Erin has seen it all in terms of speech conditions. However, she has some conditions that she is very familiar in treating. These include:

  • Articulation

  • Apraxia

  • Dysphagia

  • Aphasia

  • Cognitive-Linguistics
  • Feeding

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