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  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept the following payment methods: Credit/Debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Cash. Please note that all payment is due before the start of service. Your payment information will be collected on our online form when you schedule your appointment.
  • What are the steps to getting treatment?
    The 3 step process of Consultation, Evaluation, and Therapy ensures your treatment goes smoothly and you are evaluated properly. Step 1 is the Consultation, a free, 15+ minute appointment that determines if Erin is a good fit for you. Step 2 is the Evaluation, which can take up to an hour, and allows Erin to diagnose your speech issues and create a treatment plan. Step 3 is treatment, where Erin will work through the issues she discovered during the Evaluation one at a time and guide you towards recovery.
  • Do I need speech therapy?
    This is a great question with a tricky answer. While it is true that some deviation from the norm is expected when it comes to speech, and that children's minor speech issues tend to improve with age, more severe or persistent problems will likely require treatment. Here are some signs that you could require speech therapy: - Your speech starts to become worse over time - You tend to stutter when talking - You have trouble finding words or articulating thoughts - You speak with a lisp or find it difficult to produce common sounds - You recently suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury - You have issues with your voice, such as low volume, awkward pitch, distorted words or chronic hoarseness - You have episodes where you are unable to speak or with great difficulty Luckily, these problems can be corrected with hard work and time in speech therapy. We offer FREE consultations for any of these conditions, so don't delay. Schedule an appointment today!
  • What format is your therapy?
    We have two formats of speech therapy- Online or In person. Online, Erin will meet with you over a Zoom call. In-Person, Erin can meet at a pre-arranged public location such as a library, your home or your child's school.
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